Competition update: two weeks to go

My first lifting competition is two weeks away and this week has been a roller coaster, but what week with kids isn’t? We had doctors appointments for both girls with shots and fevers resulting; my youngest is consistently slept through the night, but my oldest has started fighting her bedtime; and I realized there are two weeks before I lift in front of a crowd of people all of whom are stronger and have more experience in the world of weightlifting than me. To say I feel a little out of my league is an understatement.

To top all of that off, my post-partum hair loss is in full swing. After I had my first daughter, I lost so much hair I legit looked like Riff-Raff from “Rocky Horror Picture Show.” Fortunately, that all happened right around Halloween so my new look kind of worked. This time, not so much.

I’m also becoming more self-conscious about my weight and how things have redistributed after having two kids in two years. I’m below my pre-pregnancy weight, which I’m psyched about, but I still feel fluffy in places I do not care to be fluffy in. I never considered myself a vain person, and I know I have to accept that age and gravity will take its toll, but this bothers me.

Last week I had a really great conversation with Meghan Leatherman of CrossFit & Pregnant about working out post-partum and the realities a lot of new moms face — breastfeeding and lack of sleep, of course, but the big one for me: hormones. Oh. the hormones…

After my first daughter was born it was weeks before I felt good enough to really go back to the gym and months before I really got back to a good workout regimen; and I think much of that had to do with me pumping milk for her for 10 months. Once I stopped pumping, those hormones finally leveled out and I finally felt like a version of my old self.

For two months. Then I got pregnant again.

This second post-partum experience has been a breeze compared to my first and I really don’t know why. I’m pumping less and supplementing with formula more, so that could be the reason. But I really think it just might be a crap shoot.

I was in worse shape going into my second pregnancy. I ate worse throughout my second pregnancy (not horrible, mind you, but certainly less strict) and I worked out throughout my pregnancy, but not with the intensity that I did with my first. So in some ways I really don’t think I deserved such an easy go of it.

But I am taking advantage of feeling so good and this competition is part of that.

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And I’m realizing that just because the majority of my days are spent tempering tantrums, changing diapers, and milking myself, it doesn’t mean I can’t continue to grow. And in order to grow, I have to put myself in those uncomfortable situations.

So here’s to lifting in a singlet in a couple weeks time!

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