Weightlifter’s gift guide | What to get the heavy lifter in your life

weightlifting gift guideLife is simple, right? Eat. Sleep. Lift heavy things. Until the holidays roll around and your family members are asking you for gift ideas.

Instead of risking getting another self-help book or ill-fitting sweater from well-intentioned family members, here are some ideas to pass along.

Stocking stuffers:

Weightlifting gift guide

Knee wraps

A great gift for any level lifter, wraps are now a subtle fashion statement in the gym. Lifting the Dream offers tons of stylish and creative designs, including mermaid prints and unicorn prints.

Bonus: Lifting the Dream is having a buy three, get one free sale as well as a 70-percent off sale on clearance items through Monday.

Weightlifting gift guideWrist wraps

Every good lifting day starts with bacon. And any wrist wrap designer that includes bacon fabric is pretty awesome in my book. Check out BaconWraps for all of your breakfast meat-themed wrist wraps as well as dozens of other options, including sports teams, comic book characters, and One Direction.

weightlifting gift guide

Fitness headbands

For me, there’s nothing worse than my hair messing up a good lift. And finding a good headband that won’t slip while going for that one-rep max is worth its weight in gold. And because they weigh like .002 ounces, most headbands are a good value.

Check out 615 Customwraps for “Slay” and “But did you die?” headbands as well as options to customize your own.

Weightlifting gift guide

Sling Shot

For that die-hard looking to improve her bench press, Sling Shot can help push to the limit by mimicking the natural muscle movement without stressing the shoulders, elbows, and chest.

Weightlifting gift guide


For the lifter just on the edge of a new PR, microplates are the perfect thoughtful gift to more gains in the new year.


weightlifting gift guideTank tops and shorts

Any lifter knows how crucial a decent tank and pair of shorts are when going through those heavier complexes. Tanks that are too loose and ride up with the bar are distracting. Shorts that roll up as you squat are equally infuriating.

Check out motivational tanks from Girls Who Powerlift and shorts from Doughnuts and Deadlifts. And if you come across a pair of those peacock shorts, send them my way.

Weightlifting gift guide


The great thing about women who lift is that they carry their power with them long after they leave the gym. Check out Etsy’s options for weightlifting themed earrings, necklaces, and bracelets to remind your favorite lifter of her strength.

Fitness nerd:

Weightlifting gift guide

Starting Strength & Practical Programming

Santa came a little early to my house this year and brought my Mark Rippetoe’s Starting Strength and Practical Programming books. Definitely not a casual read, these books get into the nitty gritty mechanics of weightlifting and are perfect for the fitness nerd who wants to know the physics behind weight

Catalyst Athletics Library

Perfect for the Olympic lifter in your life, the Catalyst Athletics library of books, dvds, and posters offers resources on everything from perfecting your lifts to improving your coaching techniques.

From Santa:

weightlifting gift guide

Weightlifting belt

Definitely on my list this year is the classic Rogue leather weightlifting belt. Hand crafted in the USA, this belt lives up to the 5-star reviews. From Rogue: The vegetable tanning process means you’ll receive a belt with a softer feel that is just as strong as the rest, with a break-in time that is nearly nonexistent.

Sign me up.

If you’re looking for something a little more colorful, check out 2pood’s Chameleon Metcon Training belt with pink and black sequins.

Weightlifting shoes

Who doesn’t love a new pair of shoes. I love my Pendlay Do-Wins, but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t intrigued by Reebok’s Legacy Lifter.

weightlifting gift guide

Gym bag

If you really want to blow her mind this holiday season, check out Flag Nor Fail’s Gym Pro Bag, designed by weightlifters for weightlifters. The bag features compartments for all the essentials — wraps, keys, shoes, and even a special slot for your new lifting belt.

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    1. Yes, and so many websites have great options. I love GWPL and their mission to inspire more strong girls (physically, mentally, and emotionally).

    1. Yes, I love their stuff, but every time I go to buy they are sold out. 🙁 I wanted to feature them more prominently here, but the peacock shorts I wanted to show are out of stock. Next year for sure!

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