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December fitness bingo; fitness bingo

Welcome to the December fitness bingo board.

This month, I’m testing the waters with a variety of workouts designed to challenge readers as well as introduce functional movements. My hope is that by introducing a variety of movements and workouts, we not only strengthen our bodies, but push ourselves mentally.

Ready? Let’s lift.

This month’s board

There are 24 workouts to tackle this month. Some are simple and only take 5 minutes. These have a purpose so don’t just blow them off. Others are harder and may take up to an hour. You choose what workout to tackle when.

Because many of these workouts are short and sweet, intensity will be a big factor. I want you busting your booty as much as you can. Even the longer strength workouts only have several minutes of truly hard work involved.

If you’ve done CrossFit or HIIT workouts, some of these workouts will seem familiar. Throughout the month, I will post workout overviews with suggested weights and demonstrations of the movements to help you make sure you are doing things correctly. If you are unsure about a workout, skip it for now and wait until I post the overview.

You’ll notice a mystery workout and one workout that says, “plus more!” These are your challenge workouts that I will reveal later in the month. They will be the hardest, but also the most rewarding.

You will also notice that I give you a built-in rest day, but you really get at least seven rest days if you only do one of these workouts per day this month so plan accordingly.

If you aren’t sure what an AMRAP or EMOM is, check out our overview.

To download a PDF of this month’s bingo board, click here.

Ready to get going? Check out the first three workout overviews here.

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