December Fitness Bingo | First mystery workout revealed!

December Fitness Bingo; Mystery workout one

My December Fitness Bingo board is filling up quick. I’ve knocked out most of the strength workouts. The more CrossFit-type workouts kicked my booty.

  • 12! was a total lung burner and a definite reminder of why I don’t typically do these kinds of workouts (although I know I should).
  • The RKC Tabata was brutal. The shortest and most deceptive workout on the board for sure, but I went to complete failure by the fourth minute.
  • I loved the 21-15-9 workout with kettlebell rows and pushups. It was quick, but I felt the burn.

This week, I’ll be tackling the sprints and rounds for time. And, of course, our first mystery workout.

December fitness bingo mystery workout; 25 days of Christmas workout

Mystery workout – 25 days of Christmas

Instead of an advent calendar, I tried to come up with a different way to countdown to the big day. I wanted to keep the movements simple without a lot of equipment. Hopefully something you can complete in a corner of the gym or at home.

You’ll need:
A moderately heavy kettlebell.
A set of moderately heavy dumbbells
A place to do pull-ups (or modified pull-ups)
A place to do dips

The workout:

25 Kettlebell Swings — Good old-fashioned Russian kettlebell swings starts off our holiday countdown. Weight should be moderate to heavy depending on how you’re feeling. I like a 50-pound bell for this exercise.

24 Mountain Climbers — If the kettlebell swings didn’t get your heart pumping, these next few exercises certainly will.

23 Jumping Jacks — Channel your inner grade-school self and knock out some jumping jacks.

22 Burpees — Don’t glare at me. I could have made these the 25-rep exercise.

21 Goblet Squats — Using a moderate dumbbell or kettlebell, hold the weight close to your chest and squat to or below parallel.

20 Lunges — 10 on each side. See how nice I am?

19 Dips — Grab a bench, chair, or box and work those triceps. If you need an easier modification, bend your knees.

18 Glute Bridges — Just bodyweight for these babies. Don’t forget to squeeze the booty.

17 Dumbbell Rows — Use a moderate to heavy weight for these. You can also use a heavy kettlebell if you you prefer.

16 Dumbbell Fly — Okay, you may feel these tomorrow since the rhomboid muscles are typically under-worked. But you’ll thank me later!

15 Thrusters — Use moderate dumbbells for these thrusters. Fifteen may seem like a lot, but you can break it into three sets of five if need be. Dig deep, you got this.

14 Kettlebell Deadlifts — Use the heaviest kettlebell you have. Set up like a normal deadlift.

13 Pushups — Don’t hate. Santa Claus is watching.

12 Ab twists — If you have a 10-pound weight or medicine ball, feel free to throw that into the mix.

11 Jump Squats — Don’t over think it. Jump up and squat down.

10 Dumbbell snatch — Using a moderate to light dumbbell or kettlebell, bring the weight from the floor up to over your head in one smooth motion. I prefer a dumbbell if you are new to this movement so it doesn’t slam into the back of your arm.

9 Leg lifts — You know this one, bring the legs as low as you can without touching the floor. The floor is lava.

8 Turkish Get-ups — Use a moderate weight for these. Four on each side.

7 Air squats — Easy peasy. Get to parallel or lower.

6┬áSupermans — I think we should change the name of these to “Wonder Womans.” Either way, work that lower back by pretending to be your favorite super hero.

5 Inchworms — You’re in the home stretch! Catch your breath as you go through up dog and down dog.

4 Pull-ups — Feel free to modify as needed, but pick a modification that will challenge you. The reps are few so no excuses!

3 Frog Jumps — I’ll admit, I was stretching to come up with more bodyweight exercises by this point. I saw these and thought they looked fun.

2 Side Lunges — You’re right there!

1 RKC Plank — Set up in your plank position as squeeze every muscle like you’ve never squeezed before. Hold for as long as you possibly can, keeping in mind that you’ll make baby Jesus cry if you stop before you hit 30 seconds.

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