Naughty or Nice | Partner chipper revealed

Just one week until the big day! As family and friends gather together, I thought a partner chipper workout was in order for our final mystery workout for the December #fitnessbingo challenge.

I’m calling this workout “Naughty or Nice.” Why? Because it’s up to you to recruit your friends and family to help you with this workout. The more people you recruit, the fewer reps on your plate. So who’s naughty and who’s nice?

Naughty or Nice workout

Naughty or Nice

The workout:

To complete this workout, recruit 1-3 family members or friends and divide up the total number of reps among you. For example, if it’s just you and your father tackling this workout, you will each do 50 jump ropes to total 100. If you get your father, brother, and nephew to workout, each of you does 25 reps to total 100.

Can’t get anyone to join you? Then all reps are on you.

100 jump ropes — Start with a warm-up of jump ropes. Brownie points if you jump together, but not required.

90 jumping jacks — Get your heart pumping with some grade-school jumping jacks.

80 air squats — It may be about this point that your friend or family member may be questioning why they agreed to do this with you.

70 lunges — Hopefully your partner hasn’t abandoned you yet.

60 kettlebell swings — stick to Russian swings for this exercise. Keep the weight moderate. I recommend 25-35 pounds.

50 burpees — Here’s where you may lose friends. But hopefully if they’ve made it this far they are committed to getting to the end.

40 dips — If you need to modify, plant your feet and bend your knees.

30 sit-ups — so close!

20 push-ups — If you can do these strict, awesome. If not, drop to your knees.

10 goblet squats — Use the same kettlebell you used for your swings. After this, it’s time for dessert!

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