2018 Fitness trends | My predictions for the new year

Health and Fitness trends in 2018

The past few years have brought us some crazy fitness and wellness trends. Between cupping, goat yoga, and crunning, it got a little weird. Thankfully, strength training, wearable technology, and HIIT dominated 2017 as the top fitness trends.

Here, we predict what will happen in 2018.

More barbell meme


I’ve got a fever. And the only cure is, more barbell. How could we not predict more hands on barbells for the new year?

Ten years ago there were fewer than 4,500 members of USA Weightlifting and fewer than 20 percent of those members were female. In 2017, USAW membership hit 27,000 and more than a third of members are women.
Likewise, membership to USA Powerlifting more than quadrupled in the past 10 years with women being the fastest growing demographic.
Why are more women seeking out heavy lifting? Empowerment. Strong is the new sexy and lifting is the physical embodiment of the strong women movement.

Intermittent fasting memeMacros and intermittent fasting

Lots of health and fitness publications are predicting this trend and I full on agree. With My Fitness Pal offering a breakdown of macro nutrients (carb, fat, protein), and the popularity of IIFYM (If It Fits Your Macros) dieting, I can see the logical step to intermittent fasting.

For those unfamiliar, intermittent fasting is when you go through long stretches (typically 14-18 hours) without eating in order to get your body to an almost ketonic state. The idea is that by consuming all of your calories within a small window during the day, you do not have to overly concerned with what you are eating.

There are different methods of approach to intermittent fasting, some of which are unsustainable and borderline dangerous. If you’re interested in a responsible approach to this lifestyle, check out LeanGains or Kinobody.

Stay tuned in 2018 for more blog posts about this trend.


Vinegar and fermented foods

Ever since I saw Jess McClary pitch her “Old Timey Drinking Vinegar” on Shark Tank on the fall season premiere, I can’t shake the inkling that vinegar and other fermented foods will come into favor with the masses in the coming months.

My husband has always been ahead of the trends. It was years ago that he tried intermittent fasting and at least two or three years ago that he insisted on starting his day by taking a swig of apple cider vinegar. He swore it left him feeling more energized, refreshed, and helped moderate his blood sugar. He’s since moved on to other “you have to try this” products, but the popularity of vinegar seems to be trending upwards.

When researching for this post, I was pleased to see that I am not alone in this prediction. Other health bloggers are predicting that fermented foods, such as kimchi and kombucha, will become even more popular in 2018 because of the additional vitamins these foods attain in the fermenting process; as well as the probiotic properties that can help with digestion.

docs who liftExercise as medicine

This may be the trend that I am most excited about and it’s not exactly new to 2018.

There has always been strong belief among the medical community that preventing a disease is better than treating a disease. And it’s always been understood that a healthy person exercises.

But a 2015 study found that more than half of the physicians trained in the United States receive no formal education in physical activity.

That’s changing.

Now, more and more doctors are actively prescribing exercise and strength training to their patients, beyond the “get 30 minutes a day.” They are working with sports medicine doctors and fitness industry experts to help develop specific plans for their patients.

Doctors Karl Nadolsky and Spencer Nadolsky, founders of Docs Who Lift, are championing this trend. Their group promotes lifestyle as medicine and help patients fight preventable diseases such as Type 2 diabetes and obesity.

“Preventive medicine lifestyle promotes health and well-being and also performance and enhanced body composition to give the best of all worlds,” they state on their website. “Our goal is to teach a simple and powerful lifestyle with maximized practicality.”


Rest and recovery and Cryotherapy

So I’d never heard of cryotherapy and I would have never guessed that it would be a fitness trend ever. And then I saw a cryo company featured on Shark Tank (do I watch too much TV?).

When I began researching for this article, 9 out of 10 fitness sites listed cryotherapy as a trend for 2018. I’m listing this because I think the true trend will be on the importance of rest and recovery.

Cryotherapy aims to help your body recover faster by increasing blood flow throughout your body to help with muscle repair, inflammation, and joint pain. That’s accomplished by placing the athlete in a chamber with sub-zero nitrogen mist for up to three minutes.

Personally, I’d rather get a massage then Netflix and chill.


Runners up:

I really wanted to cap my list of trend predictions at five, but I could pass up including a few runners up.



Any girl who watched “The Little Mermaid” at an impressionable age will be so excited for this potential fitness trend. The concept is fairly simple: pull on a mermaid tail and jump on in the water. Michelle Forsbrey is leading the way with her mermaid academy. For her, becoming a mermaid offers an “escape from normal life, creating am environment of good health, enhancing confidence and self-esteem through being a Magical Mermaid or Merman.”

charcoal toothpaste

Charcoal toothpaste

This one comes from my “ahead of the trend” husband. Yes, charcoal masks were popular this year. But he’s brushing his teeth with it. He swears it makes his teeth whiter. I haven’t noticed a difference. But when he brushes, he’s a dead ringer for Heath Ledger from “The Patriot.”



This one has me scratching my head. For years I was a rock climber and slacklining was the thing to do at the campsite after a great day on the crag. In the climbing world, there are slacklining aficionados who climb their routes, then string up their slackline across a ravine.

So when I began researching for this article and saw slacklining come up multiple times, I was pretty surprised.

We’ll see what 2018 brings!

Want more? Check out my 2018 fitness resolutions.

14 Replies to “2018 Fitness trends | My predictions for the new year”

    1. I tried it for a while and didn’t hate it. I did notice a change in how I felt. But with young kiddos I just can’t stick to those limited windows. Maybe when they’re older I’ll give it another go. Let me know how you like it!

    1. Lol. When I saw the BBC segment on it I knew I had to include it on this list. A mermaid academy!? What Little Mermaid-loving girl could resist?

  1. Idk about brushing with charcoal or slacklining! I like to sit back and watch the fitness trends roll over me. Call me old school, but I like to keep it simple. That macros and starvation thing? Ummm….

    1. Haha. I can’t get on board with the charcoal either. I used to slackline, but never super high up. We always just tied one up between two trees and messed around. And I’m with you on keeping things simple and old school.

  2. The starvation thing is a bit creepy (and also a bit self-depreciating?). I see “eating disorder” written allover that if the people trying it don’t have some guidance. Yikes! I don’t think I could do the cryotherapy either…I can handle extreme cold weather if I’m in constant motion (cough cough…Iowa runner!), but being trapped in that machine thing…not such a good time LOL

    1. Agreed! One of my resolutions for 2018 is to view food as fuel and not focus so much on “clean” food or “cheat” foods. And I second you on the cryotherapy. Don’t think I’ll ever be seeking one of those out. Lol.

  3. I still really want to try cryotherapy. I’ve also heard about intermittent fasting but i haven’t done enough research on it yet – thanks for reminding me of this trend!

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