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There are plenty of fish in the sea; but, to Malia Warren, you’re a mermaid. A lifelong fan of “The Little Mermaid,” and avid CrossFitter and weightlifter, Malia said she had an epiphany one day.

Mermaids don’t skip leg day.

A wife and mother of two children, Malia ran with the idea and created her fitness apparel company, Lifting the Dream, in 2015. Three years later, she’s crushing PRs (read: 315-pound deadlift) and sales.

Some of her best sellers? Her mermaid knee sleeves, wrist wraps, and sports bras of course.

When she’s not momming or working, Malia says she loves getting her family outdoors and enjoying all of the fun that her home base in Colorado offers. Here, she shares her story.

Strong Mom goals

I started lifting because: I stepped into my first CrossFit gym in July 2012, not knowing what to expect. I had only heard of it through friends, but never tried it. After six weeks of Bootcamp in the park, I thought I was ready for anything they threw at me. I was totally wrong.

As I started to get comfortable with the idea of CrossFit and the movement expectations, I realized my strength was any of the lifting components. After PR after PR in lifting, I felt something I had never felt before: Confidence in my strength. I didn’t know what feeling truly “strong” was until I started lifting. “No sir, I don’t need your help carrying heavy boxes to my car” 🙂

Other exercises I enjoy: Anything outdoors! Hiking! But I also really love doing Spartan races!

My goal for lifting is: Get better at snatching. Get more mobile with yoga and gymnastics so that I can feel comfortable throwing the heavy weight overhead.

Since I started lifting, I’ve learned: Self-love and appreciation. Sounds corny, but I’m serious. I used to hate my legs, thinking they were too big. They’ve always been this big. But they’re all muscle and help me lift heavy weights!

Proudest lifting moment: Hitting a 20-pound PR on my clean and jerk in July!

Any PRs to brag about: I recently hit 315 by accident on a deadlift.

Biggest lifting challenge I’ve faced: Snatch, snatch, snatch. Anything to do with snatching. A combo of tight hips and disliking the bar over my head has affected my performance in the snatch.

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On being a mom

My goal for being a mom is: To show my children the importance of hard work and self-confidence. They see me in the gym and they like to copy me. They’re learning that physical activity is fun and that there is hard work associated with it.

Since becoming a mom, I’ve learned: How to prioritize my time a little better. It’s still super hard, but  the gym is my zen time. If I don’t work it into our busy schedule, it affects my mood for the day, haha!

Biggest mom challenge I’ve faced: Lifting related? Definitely finding a local gym that has childcare hours. My CF gym doesn’t have childcare, but they have a place for my daughter to hang out while mom works out. It would be so awesome to have a dedicated child area that is contained haha. My daughter is almost 3 so she wants to run around and play on everything while I’m working out.

FitFam goals

How do you balance lifting and raising a family? I prioritize my body. I have a hypothyroid, which just means my thyroid is lazy, and lifting weights and working out helps me speed up my metabolism, boost my mood, and the reduce anxiety and fatigue that accompanies a slow metabolism. It’s just part of my lifestyle, less of a chore, so I have more reason to not miss a day. This doesn’t mean I don’t though!

What activities do you like to do with your kiddo(s)? Hiking is our favorite!!

What is your favorite “active” memory with them so far? Definitely Hiking. Seeing the joy they find in nature is one of my favorite things to witness. They learn about perseverance by hiking, even if it’s easy they are learning what it’s like to push through when it’s hard and enjoy their surroundings.

What is a fitness or activity goal that you have for them? For them to participate in all kinds of athletics until they find what works for them. I played soccer growing up and volleyball in high school, my husband played football, baseball, and basketball.

Lessons learned

If you could do it all again, you would: Do weightlifting in high school. Also, stretching and mobility are SO important for performance.

Favorite quote: “If you can dream it, you can do it.” – Walt Disney

Favorite lift: Clean and Jerk

Three words that describe me: Passionate. Silly. Adventurous.

When I’m not in the gym, you can find me: Working! I own Lifting the Dream, a FUNctional fitness and lifestyle apparel company that is changing the game when it comes to FUN and functional apparel. If I’m not designing something new and fun for Lifting the Dream, I’m hiking with my family, or reading Harry Potter for the 10th time, or counting down the time when I can go lift again 🙂

Any advice you want to share to moms who lift or are interested in lifting? DO IT! It’s fun and such a great confidence builder. You don’t have to lift heavy to feel strong, work up to it. As long as you feel strong, you’re doing the right workout!

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