Keep it simple, Cupid | Fit lovers’ guide to Valentine’s Day

It’s the season of love and you may be getting ready for a spicy night with your significant other. No, Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be an over-the-top event. You can have a wonderful evening and keep things simple.

Of course, Valentine’s Day falls on a Wednesday this year and you have to factor in work; shuttling the kids to school and after-school activities; and then squeeze in that run or gym session before heading out to that romantic dinner.

Here, we cover some do’s and don’ts to ensure you won’t have to sweat your  special Valentine’s Day. Except in the gym. See what I did there? Okay… moving on.

Do NOT make them “earn it”

If you’re planning on proposing this Valentine’s Day, do not make your significant other “earn it” by making them do hill sprints before you pop the question.

You laugh, but this is what my husband did to me.

It was a frigidly cold day in the backwoods of Kansas. We were visiting my husband’s grandparents for the holidays. He wanted to workout, but the closest gym was a good 45 minute drive. The best option for getting a decent sweat in: hill sprints.

I didn’t want to do it. The hill he wanted to sprint up was a solid half mile away from the house. It was muddy. I hadn’t showered in 24 hours and I was cranky.

As I begrudgingly walked with him to the hill, he tried to cheer me up saying that if I ran with him, I’d “earn” something special. I figured he meant an extra cookie, which I was already planning on eating when we got back to the house.

Now, I already had an inkling he was going to propose. A month or two back, he’d slyly asked what my ring size. Okay, it wasn’t sly at all. He’s just not good at this kind of thing. But I didn’t think I had to “earn” his proposal and I didn’t think he’d propose to me with us looking the way we did.

I thought he’d propose after a nice dinner out. Both of having showered. Me having time to at least put on some makeup and run a brush through my hair.


After five hill sprints, I called it a day. He sprinted a few more times (I think he was really nervous). Then, he reached into his pocket, got down on one knee, and pulled out the ring.

Of course I said yes. We hugged and kissed and walked back to his grandparents’ house where everyone was waiting to take pictures. They were not cute pictures.

The silver lining: If he was still going to propose with me looking like I did, and I was willing to say yes, I guess that’s true love. Or some form of it. Right?

Give that massage

But maybe watch a YouTube tutorial beforehand. There’s nothing worse than attempting to give your SO a tantalizing massage and have them cringe and cry out in pain because you don’t know your own strength. Sorry, hun.

Skip the sardines

I know we all have to hit our protein, but maybe on this day you can meet your macros with some peanut butter. No, brushing your teeth and gargling after eating sardines does not get rid of the smell/taste. Just trust me when I say I know…

Skip the strip tease

You’ve just had a killer workout and you’re feeling hella sexy.

But no one looks sexy trying to get out of a sports bra. Especially a sweaty sports bra and shirt. I’ve tried. Maybe just trust me that it turns into a comical display that doesn’t leave either party feeling turned on (but was really good for a laugh).

And do you know why all those fitness apparel companies boast about their leggings having an “antimicrobial gusset for odor control.” Ahem…

And as if this needs to be said: Take the time to shower. Dry shampoo ain’t gonna cut it for tonight.

My Valentine's name is GYM. We're very happy together.

Enjoy making yourself desirable

Yes, it’s a Wednesday; but getting gussied up for a special night out (or in) shouldn’t feel like a chore. And if you treat it like a chore, your partner is going to sense you’re not really into it and the evening kind of spirals from there.

As a  wise woman once told me when I was grousing about having to go to a military ball with my husband: Suck it up, shave your legs, and have some fun.

Cook that romantic meal, but loosen up on the macros

Paleo is great. Gluten free is wonderful. But you know what else rocks? Chocolate-covered strawberries. Cutting out sugar? Get dark chocolate.

You can adhere to your specific diet without being overly obsessed. And if you break out your food scale, maybe just change into sweats for the evening.

Love others, love yourself

No, Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be an elaborate affair. Sure, it’s a Hallmark holiday. But it can be fun if you let it be.

This year I’ll be spoiling my husband and girls with small trinkets to show that I’m thinking about them. My husband will return the sentiment with a delicious feast cooked by him (with the dishes left for me). Ah, love.

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  1. Love your ideas and recommendations. I think that sometimes people tend to over analyze Valentines Day but you can keep it simple and still have an awesome holiday!

  2. I can’t believe that’s how your hubby proposed!! My husband took me on a hike and I *thought* he was going to propose, but he pulled out snacks instead…then proposed back at home on the couch for an element of surprise since he knew I was expecting it on the hike, lol.

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