Andrea Signor and her daughters
Andrea Signor hanging out with her two young daughters.

Andrea Signor | Creator of Mamalifts

I am a wife, mother, writer, and wannabe weightlifter. In that order (although wife and mother often tie for first). Before kids, I worked as a civilian journalist for the U.S. Army and I freelanced for several extreme sport and fitness publications, including Climbing magazine, Women’s Adventure, CrossFit media, and FloElite.

I began weightlifting three years ago and lifted through two pregnancies (right up until the day my water broke with each kiddo). I’m getting back into shape after having my second daughter in January and I’ve started this blog to document my journey back to the platform.

Why lift and why write about it?

I’m not the strongest or fastest athlete. I’ve often questioned whether or not I should write this blog. But I keep coming back to the question: what will I want my girls to do when they battle feelings of inadequacy?

The answer: I will want them to push through and fight for whatever they want in this life. I want them to have the confidence in themselves to take part in activities and opportunities that scare them.

I also will want them to have the humbleness to admit when they do not know the answer, but the grit and determination to find it out. I don’t have all of the answers. I’m not a fitness coach or medical professional. But I know how to contact them. I know how to interview them. And I can write.

In the end, it all comes back to being the kind of person my girls can look up to and depend on. And for me, that means living a healthy lifestyle and pushing myself physically. It means stepping out of my comfort zone and being vulnerable. It means failing. And it means succeeding.