Mama climbs mountains

Summit of Quandary Peak

Last weekend my husband and I got to reconnect at 14,265 feet above sea level. We skipped our weightlifting workout and ditched the kiddos with Nana and Papa to climb Quandary Peak, one of the tallest mountains in Colorado.

And it was glorious.

And important.

We’ve had our rocky moments. Not too long ago, he told me I looked “fatter” when I asked if I looked stronger. We also nitpick each other’s cooking (and in his case, my plating), grooming (his toe nails are gnarly), and driving.

But we are making it through these trials, but sometimes we need to get back to the people we were when we first met to truly appreciate the people we’ve become.

Warning: the following is a cheesy metaphor of how life is like climbing a mountain. Proceed with caution. Continue reading “Mama climbs mountains”