Pregnancy Weightlifting | Series overview

Bumper plates

I began lifting about six months before I became pregnant with my first daughter. Like many, I first got my hands on a bar through CrossFit. I loved how it made me feel — strong, capable, like I could conquer the world.

I progressed quickly, squatting 200 pounds and deadlifting twice my body weight. After turning my focus to Olympic lifting, I found out I was pregnant.

At my first doctor’s appointment, my doctor told me to continue working out and lifting. Then I sat down with the nurse to go over the plan for the next nine months. She handed me a folder of paperwork with nutritional guidelines, what to expect pamphlets and hospital information.

Then she told me that the doctor had told her that I could continue my workouts and lifting and that I should keep my lifts in the 10-pound range. When I told her my deadlifts were 20 times that amount, she begrudgingly said, “I guess you can lift 25 pounds.”

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Lifting for two: How I continued weightlifting through two pregnancies | Andrea Signor

Squatting 115 pounds at 34 weeks pregnant
Getting squats in at 34 weeks pregnant

This is a post about weightlifting — real weightlifting. Most internet searches of “weightlifting while pregnant” churn up results for “lifting” with 15-pound weights or, as my husband calls them, “the pink dumbbells.”

When I was pregnant with my first daughter, I was surprised at how little information was out there for women who power lifted or did Olympic lifts, given the popularity of CrossFit. Most of the decent information out there is anecdotal (as is this post) or is advice to pregnant women from male coaches — not that their input doesn’t have merit, but, come on! Continue reading “Lifting for two: How I continued weightlifting through two pregnancies | Andrea Signor”