Pushup progression | Four ways to get pushups into your warmup

Remember my New Year’s goal of being able to do the Astavakrasana move? I’m still working on that. That’s not me in that video.

And I’m starting with pushups. The most basic of bodyweight exercises, pushups will not only build my strength, it will get me used to using my bodyweight for training.

Here, I give the three warmup routines I’m using that let me throw pushups into the mix before the heavy lifting commences.

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Pushup Progression | Methods to build to perfect pushup form

wish for it meme

Can we have a redo on New Years? It feels like this past week was a false start to 2018. For a lot of folks. Like the entire East Coast.

Going into the Christmas season, I had these grand plans of working ahead on my blog, working out hard, and starting the new year with a bang.

Instead, three rounds of flu walloped our household. Then we traveled to Kansas where the temperatures were in the single digits. My husband’s grandparents live down three dirt roads in a sod house and, because of the temps, any hopes of running sprints outside quickly fizzled. Continue reading “Pushup Progression | Methods to build to perfect pushup form”

December Fitness Bingo | Tabata workouts

Oh, Tabata workouts. They most deceptive workout in the coach’s bag of tricks. On the whiteboard, it looks easy and straightforward: 20 seconds of work and 10 seconds of rest for several minutes. Too easy.

And then the workout starts.

We have two Tabata workouts for the December #fitnessbingo challenge. One is relatively easy and a perfect warmup for leg day. The other is hella hard.

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Naughty or Nice | Partner chipper revealed

Just one week until the big day! As family and friends gather together, I thought a partner chipper workout was in order for our final mystery workout for the December #fitnessbingo challenge.

I’m calling this workout “Naughty or Nice.” Why? Because it’s up to you to recruit your friends and family to help you with this workout. The more people you recruit, the fewer reps on your plate. So who’s naughty and who’s nice? Continue reading “Naughty or Nice | Partner chipper revealed”