First comp: the jitters, the fails, and the insecurities

Photo Cred: Adam Stelly

Well, beloved readers, my first Oly competition is officially in the books, and, man, was it a doozy.

Let’s back up before dissecting the events of the day.

I’ve never been a huge fan of competing. In high school, I DQ’ed my entire relay team in my first swim meet by falling off the block before the buzzer sounded. When I switched to diving, I mixed up my reverse and reverse flip dives. When I was into climbing, I actively avoided gym competitions and never really pushed myself beyond 5.10 status (pretty mediocre for how many years I put in), but it was all about the experience, man.

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Competition update: two weeks to go

My first lifting competition is two weeks away and this week has been a roller coaster, but what week with kids isn’t? We had doctors appointments for both girls with shots and fevers resulting; my youngest is consistently slept through the night, but my oldest has started fighting her bedtime; and I realized there are two weeks before I lift in front of a crowd of people all of whom are stronger and have more experience in the world of weightlifting than me. To say I feel a little out of my league is an understatement.

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Countdown to Comp: One month to go

One month. I have one month left to prepare for the Olympic Day weightlifting competition that I signed up for in a desperate attempt to motivate myself to get back into the gym after having my second baby in two years.

So far, it’s going as good as can be expected. I have a lot of technique to work on and each week I make small, but purposeful changes that I hope will get me to the heavier weights. Right now, I’m hoping to nab a 90-pound snatch and a 110-pound clean and jerk. That may be a bit out of my reach right now, but we will see in a month.

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