December Fitness Bingo | First mystery workout revealed!

December Fitness Bingo; Mystery workout one

My December Fitness Bingo board is filling up quick. I’ve knocked out most of the strength workouts. The more CrossFit-type workouts kicked my booty.

  • 12! was a total lung burner and a definite reminder of why I don’t typically do these kinds of workouts (although I know I should).
  • The RKC Tabata was brutal. The shortest and most deceptive workout on the board for sure, but I went to complete failure by the fourth minute.
  • I loved the 21-15-9 workout with kettlebell rows and pushups. It was quick, but I felt the burn.

This week, I’ll be tackling the sprints and rounds for time. And, of course, our first mystery workout. Continue reading “December Fitness Bingo | First mystery workout revealed!”

December Fitness Bingo | Strength workouts

December fitness challenge; strength workouts

We are in full swing for the #FitnessBingo challenge! My board is starting to fill up and so far I’m really enjoying the workouts.

Of course, I had to include some heavy strength workouts. I originally had three max lifts on various squares, but my husband said that if someone was new to weightlifting that may not be a good test for them. I guess he has a point…

But that doesn’t mean heavy weights aren’t on the board. Continue reading “December Fitness Bingo | Strength workouts”